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«ES-Energy» software system consists of the components required for the development of c power meters for enterprises of the wholesale and retail markets of electric power and meets the requirements of the system operator related to the exchange of telecontrol information, and SCADA systems development.

Automation power systems

Joint-Stock Company «Engineering Centre «Energoservice» specializes in development and implementation of telecontrol systems, automation monitoring systems, SCADA, automation power meters, development of microprocessor relay protection and automation and their integration into SCADA systems.

«ES-Energy« software system established by the experts of the Engineering Centre consists of the components required for the development of power meters for enterprises of the wholesale and retail markets of electric power and meets the requirements of the system operator related to the exchange of telecontrol information, and SCADA systems development.

Data acquisition units of the ENKS family were developed to collect data from different intelligent electronic devices. ENIP telecontrol multifunction digital transducers were developed to take prompt synchronized measurements of electrical networks parameters.

By now more than one hundred large SCADA projects based on the «ES-Energy« system have been implemented by the experts of the Engineering Centre »Energoservice«.

Among our customers there are affiliated branches of the Federal Grid Company (Northwest MES, the Arkhangelsk main transmission company), regional grid companies (Arkhenergo, Komienergo, Karelenergo), electrical networks of other owners (Kiseliovskaya and Prokopievskaya electrical grids), energy trading companies, the power stations of wholesale generating companies (the Kirishskaya power plant, the Cherepovets power plant), power plants of territorial generating companies (TGK–1, TGK–2), power plants of other owners (Northwest CHP, power plants of Energomashkorporatsya), large industrial enterprises in different regions of the Russian Federation (Vorkutaugol (Vorkuta Coal), the Kola mining and smelting plant, Krasnoyarsk non-ferrous metals plant, the Kotlas pulp-and-paper mill, etc.).

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