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«ES-Energy» software system consists of the components required for the development of c power meters for enterprises of the wholesale and retail markets of electric power and meets the requirements of the system operator related to the exchange of telecontrol information, and SCADA systems development.

«ES-Energy» Software System

Since its establishment in 1995 the «ES-Energy» software system has been employed in the development of automation control systems and power meters with application of Intelligent Electronic Devices IED.

«ES-Energy» software system consists of the components required for the development of a power meters for enterprises of the wholesale and retail markets of electric power and meets the requirements of the system operator related to the exchange of telecontrol information, and SCADA systems development.

«ES-Energy» software system consists of:

  • multifunctional IED of different manufacturers including digital measuring transducers, electric power meters, relay protection and automation devices, digital electrical process recorders and etc.;

  • data acquisition units of the ENKS family developed by the experts of the Engineering Centre, exact time maintenance device, lock MEC 870–5–101/104 and etc.;

  • firmware system of the upper level based on client/server technology.

Peculiarities of «ES-Energy» software system:

  • general approach to the data acquisition and processing of the IED for SCADA;

  • maximum identity of power meters and SCADA readings, mutual data reservation (when electrical measuring transducers and prompt multifunctional electric power meters with functions of electric power measurements are used).

    More details at www.es-energy.ru.

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