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źES-Energy╗ software system consists of the components required for the development of c power meters for enterprises of the wholesale and retail markets of electric power and meets the requirements of the system operator related to the exchange of telecontrol information, and SCADA systems development.

Applied technologies

When implementing the projects we use the equipment and technologies of well known domestic and foreign manufacturers, and our own production.

The power equipment, commutation switches with voltage from 6 to 110 kV manufactured by Siemens, Schneider Electric, ABB, Samara Electroshchit.

Modular switching equipment and transformer substations from 6 to 110 kV, container-type, developed by Samara Electroshchit, «Taurida Electric», BEMP, Orsk plant.

Vacuum switching equipment from 6 to 110 kV developed by «Taurida Electric», Schneider Electric, Siemens, Schneider Electric, ABB.

Digital relay protection and automation devices manufactured by Schneider Electric, scientific and technological centre «Mechanotronika», Siemens, Schneider Electric, ABB, «Radius», digital electrical processes recorders manufactured by Parma and Energosoyuz.

Low-voltage package devices up to 6300└ based on modern modular system Prisma +P/G and switching devices manufactured by Schneider Electric.

Automation electric actuator based on frequency converters and vacuum contactors manufactured by ABB and Schneider Electric.

Idle-current power compensation devices of 0,4/6ľ10 kV manufactured by Schneider Electric, Eltechnica.

New technologies for electric networks: insulated wires, cables from cross-linked polyethylene, cable heat-shrinkage boxes.

Systems of control current: continuous current, alternating current, rectified current, combined systems.

Rackmount cabinets switching equipment, automation and telecontrol systems, electric power meters, automated drive manufactured by the Joint-Stock Company «Engineering Center «Energoservice».

Data acquisition units of the ENKS family with different intelligent devices manufactured by the Joint-Stock Company «Engineering Center «Energoservice».

Integration of different intelligent devices (digital measuring transducers, electric power meters, digital devices of relay protection and automation, digital electrical process recorders, etc.) into SCADA systems with application of «ES-Energy» software system.

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