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«ES-Energy» software system consists of the components required for the development of c power meters for enterprises of the wholesale and retail markets of electric power and meets the requirements of the system operator related to the exchange of telecontrol information, and SCADA systems development.

Systems of power-supply and lighting for buildings

Those are the systems the availability and performance of which are inconspicuous. People start thinking of them only when something fails.

The name of our company states that electrical engineers have been the core of the company. So the establishment of power-supply systems is performed by our specialists at the highest professional level.

We offer a full complex of works related to the establishment of:

  • Various transformer substations;
  • Switch yards for buildings;
  • Allocated power grids for buildings;
  • Uninterruptible power supply of mission-critical consumers;
  • Systems of electric lighting;
  • Systems of earth connection and potential loading;
  • Systems of lightning protection.

After the electric supply systems have been installed and during their operation it is necessary to test the systems and to check the working capacity of the emergency tripping device, phase — zero loop, earthing devices’ resistance and etc. Our company possesses all the required equipment and offers the services of electrical measurements laboratory.

Electrical laboratory as a part of the department for installation, commissioning and adjustment will measure all characteristics of power network and make a report which a Customer can submit to regulatory and technical approval bodies and fire inspection. We can also diagnose and examine internal electrical equipment, bring out defects and give recommendations how to remedy them.

The measurements are carried out by certified modern digital and analog instruments.

Certificate of electrical laboratory.

We have wide experience in establishment and reconstruction of electric power supply systems at industrial enterprises.

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