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«ES-Energy» software system consists of the components required for the development of c power meters for enterprises of the wholesale and retail markets of electric power and meets the requirements of the system operator related to the exchange of telecontrol information, and SCADA systems development.

Technical safety systems

The JSC «Engineering Centre «Energoservice» carries out a full complex of works related to development of various technical safety systems of different complexity in the following areas:

  • Fire and burglar alarm systems:
    Design and installation of fire and burglar alarm systems, intrusion protection along the perimeter.
  • Warning system and evacuation-control system when fire:
    Design and installation of alarm signal and audio warning and evacuation-control systems (up to the 5-th category of NPB 104–2003), light evacuation-control systems.
  • Fire-extinguisher systems:
    Design and installation of gas-extinguishing installations, dry powder fire extinguishing installations, modular and centralized fire extinguishing installations with thinly-sprayed water, drencher and sprinkler fire-fighting systems.
  • Security and process CCTV monitoring systems:
    Design and installation of security and process CCTV monitoring systems, distributed video monitoring systems; integration of video monitoring systems with other systems of technical safety.
  • Access control:
    Organization of controlled access to buildings, offices, territories.
  • Life support systems for enterprises and buildings:
    Design and installation of gas detection and smoke removal systems, monitoring of engineering systems (ventilation, air-conditioning, smoke removal, heating, electric power supply, elevator system), emergency and evacuation lightning, fire water supply systems, fire-proofing of constructions.
  • Integrated systems of technical safety:
    Development of integrated distributed safety systems connecting fire and burglar alarm systems, alarm signal and audio warning and evacuation-control systems, access control, security and process CCTV monitoring systems, fire-fighting systems, engineering systems for buildings.

Engineers and workers of the company have an extensive experience in the installation and maintenance of safety systems and units of the highest complexity. All systems are designed according to the current rules.

Among the projects implemented by our company for the last few years there are some unique projects, such as comprehensive integrated systems, distributed CCTV monitoring systems and intrusion protection along the perimeter at the diamond mining and processing plant, fire extinguishing of fuel-conveyers at power plants, as well as rather typical projects including — fire alarm and warning systems for office buildings and enterprises.

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